The following is a list of resources hand-picked by Cisco & TD. We encourage everyone to check them out.

Cisco Tools


Spark is a cloud service providing persistent chat, room-based collaboration, WebRTC video conferencing, and more. A Spark room is where messages, calls, meetings, people, BOTS and AI come together. Developers can easily integrate solutions with Spark via the Spark REST API - for example to add Spark messaging features to an app user interface, or to automate sending Spark messages to rooms based on business system or real-world events. Developers can add BOTs and Integrations to a Spark room which will help users digitizing their day to day life and tap into artificial intelligent BOTs that will connect them to their colleagues, do tasks more efficiently on their behalf and interface them to the IOT world around them. Use Spark SDKs and Javascript API you can integrate Spark into your own built application or web site.

Application developers integrating with Spark can easily bring messaging capabilities into their applications via a few basic REST requests. You can launch the Spark web client, then use the Google Chrome based REST test tool Postman to execute APIs for creating a new Spark room, adding a participant to the room, and posting a new test message with an attached image file.

Spark for Developers

In Spark, conversations take place in virtual meeting rooms. Some rooms live for a few hours while others become permanent fixtures of your team's workflow with titles like Daily Standup or Build Status. Spark allows conversations to flow seamlessly between messages, video calls and real-time whiteboarding sessions. No other solution brings together so many facets of collaboration into a single unified platform.

Spark Depot

Work smarter while you work together. Integrations and bots that accelerate outcomes.

Cisco Dev Net

Cisco DevNet is all about providing developers with the tools, the resources, and the code needed to build innovative, network-enabled solutions.

Whether you’re automating network management or hooking up a zillion devices in an IoT app, DevNet aims to get your questions answered. There’s a wealth of information on the site.

You can download APIs and SDKs, access fully-tooled sandboxes, use the Learning Labs, get answers on the community forums and receive loads of support. It’s all simple, quick and free to join. And you get cool stuff. Seriously, check it out today!


Tropo provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement scripting environment designed for creating a wide variety of communications applications. Your script runs on Cisco servers, very similar to the way a web application runs on a web server. Instead of interacting with the user via a web browser, a Tropo application interacts with the user via text messaging or through voice using a telephone or Voice Over IP.

Developing applications using Tropo Scripting is easy to learn. You can use JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python or Groovy to create scripts that call Tropo’s communication functions; there’s no new language to learn! All of the low-level stuff is handled behind the scenes.


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